We sell and roast our beans in the store. Please click the picture below to contact us.

The Cashier

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The Beans

Micro RoasterOur Beans are roasted fresh and on site at Central Perk & Dessert. We offer beans from Papua New Guinea, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Sumatra, Costa Rica, & other countries. Beans can be roasted to order by the pound. They take about 20 minutes to roast. Beans are available either whole bean or ground.
1 pound of roasted beans is $10.50.

The Caramels

Beans are not the only thing we make. Try our caramels that are homemade by the owner's father & are available in a variety of different flavors:

Buzz Caramels have espresso in them. We sell our caramels at $1.00 for 1 piece, 3 pieces for $2, and a 1lb bag for $15.00. Click on the picture below to check out all of our prices.

Homemade Caramels